I’m Procrastinating

I’m currently in shock from spending £75 on a single alarm clock, having finally been paid for some Christmas temp work. The dispatch date was supposed to be tomorrow, arriving next week, but somehow it was delivered today – I spent the whole day hoping it would be a late delivery so I’d be home to get it, and it arrived about twenty minutes before I did… So it’s at a neighbour’s. Darn it. (It’s so cold outside…)

I spent the day doing English, which I’m supposed to be doing right now, considering I have to get a complete 2000 word essay in for next Thursday and I haven’t even started it yet, as well as another 3 essays due in before then. Save me!

Mainly to lighten my mood, but hopefully it’ll make someone else smile too, I thought I’d post some completely useless facts that I’ve found out over the years. And I mean completely useless. Seriously, I don’t even know how people found out most of these. Or why.

1) Pigeons can read mammograms. What on earth possessed scientists to wonder if they could train pigeons to detect cancer? Is the NHS really that underfunded?!

2) Bats fly left out of the cave. No clue if that’s true. I just like thinking it is. (Just Googled it… not true. Damn it!)

3) Some dinosaurs danced to impress partners. Somehow I just can’t envision a dancing T-Rex… Its little arms would just sway from side to side floppily.

4) Facebook is apparently introducing ‘Reactions’ so you have alternatives to ‘liking’ things – this just sounds stupid, if you ask me! Don’t make something more complex than it has to be!

5) Ending texts with full stops makes you sound insincere. I have a friend who does this, and it’s so hard to tell what the tone is supposed to be. Save your friends, and skip the full stops!

6) Apparently babies prefer dads with beer bellies, because it reminds them on some level of their mum’s womb. That’s kinda cute, you have to admit.

7) Turns out the ‘Kardashian way’ of eating a KitKat is highly addictive. I thought it was so stupid I had to try it. Big mistake. Don’t go there.

8) Dinosaurs had feathers. Like whhhhaaaaat? Imagine what Jurassic Park would have looked like if they’d animated feathers on all the dinosaurs… They’d be fabulous.

9) People at The University of Nottingham are apparently the most frisky. Oxford comes in pretty close. I love that fact. No clue why.

10) Edward the Confessor was probably gay. I mean, that’s just what I surmised from studying him last year – come on, he apparently never consummated the marriage, he spent all his time in church, he was timid… It was a sin back then. He was probably just ashamed.



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