My Top 5 Netflix Series

Lately, I don’t really watch any live TV. It just seems to be inconvenient the majority of the time – when I want to watch things, the right programmes usually aren’t on, or the ad breaks take forever (gotta love those US commercials that appear every now and again that last about ten minutes… seriously, how do you guys cope over there?!) so I don’t really see the point. I do, however, watch Netflix. It’s just more convenient as a student who likes to watch things on their laptop, maybe have it open on a small window while getting work done or something…

I thought I’d give a quick run-down of my favourite programmes on Netflix, just because I love knowing what other people are watching and finding out new series.

  1. ‘Making a Murderer’: the newest series I’ve started to watch. I’m only on ep. 2 so far, but it’s a documentary about a guy who was wrongfully imprisoned for 18 years and what happened when he got out.
  2. ‘Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments’: Again, another new one I’ve started watching. Only a couple of episodes are out so far, but I’ve read some of the books (The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare) and, I have to say, the series seems to be sticking fairly close to what I remember.
  3. ‘Pretty Little Liars’: If you haven’t heard of this one, I don’t know where you’ve been the last few years. It’s on its sixth series now, and the tension is immense. It’s like a brilliant murder mystery.
  4. ‘The Vampire Diaries’: I only watched the first few series on Netflix, because the rest weren’t available – I got the sixth series on DVD and am watching the current one on playback. To be honest, it’s what you’d expect. Vampire drama.
  5. ‘Once Upon A Time’: I love this one so much! It’s basically like an amalgamation of loads of different fairytales, and it’s affiliated with Disney but not produced by them as far as I’m aware. All the characters intertwine and it has crossovers with reality. It almost has a sense of nostalgia for those childhood days when fairytales were pretty much the best thing ever.

These are probably what I’d say are my favourite programmes at the moment, and they’re pretty standard I guess, but I don’t think the Shadowhunters series had much publicity here in the UK (it sort of just turned up on the recommended screen as having just started) so if you haven’t heard of that one yet, definitely give it a go. Just be prepared it’s a little weird, but it’s good weird. It’s definitely not a comprehensive list of what I see on Netflix either – I like to watch series I’ve seen on TV just as reruns (*cough cough* How I Met Your Mother…)

Either way, it was another short post today, but hey, it’s a stressful week. Hope you enjoyed, regardless!



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