Back Into the Swing of Things

Officially, school started back up last Tuesday. For me, that was mock week (as you’ll know if you follow me on Twitter) so I had three mock exams on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday morning, and no lessons. This was weirdly not a bad way to start the term, because we got the Monday off, and I also had a long weekend after my Thursday exam. The weekend was like the best present, having spent a large proportion of my actual Christmas break studying for these exams.

This week is the hard-hitter: the results come back, lessons start up again, and our teachers are pushing us harder than ever.

I do three humanities subjects – English Lit, History, and Geography. This means my bedroom contains numerous full lever arch folders, a hellish amount of paperwork, roughly 20 textbooks, and the constant sound of me typing. It also means my brain feels like a very saturated sponge for a large amount of the day as it swims in facts and quotes that I spend most of my waking hours trying to learn.

Getting back into routine this week is exhausting, but it’s good – Tuesday’s the only day I have two ‘lessons’, which really only means it’s the one day I spend both my morning and afternoon in a classroom with teachers. The rest of the days I only have one lesson per day and I spend the rest of my time doing independent study or running a reading scheme for the younger students twice a week. One of the main things for me this year is coursework; our courses are so long we don’t have enough time to do the coursework in lesson, so it’s up to us on our own. We’re even more on our own because we choose our own content, question and arguments in English. I may moan about it, but it’s actually one of the things I like more about this year – having control over our own studies.

Making sure I have my blog posts up on time consistently will no doubt get harder as the weeks go by; this term is going to be my busiest yet, I should think, what with uni applicant days and various trips, but I’ll try my hardest. At least I shouldn’t run out of content! To be honest, having done two blog posts per week since November now, I think I’m getting into a good routine. It’s a good way of measuring out my time, having two specific points of a week where I post things. (It also makes sure I know what day it is…)

I hope you liked this little update-type post, I’ve not really done one of these yet, but I kind of felt like it. Sometimes it’s nice to do more of a chatty post than one with any real formula – from personal experience they’re often fun to read too, if you’re nosy like me! I think I’ll end it here, so enjoy the rest of the week and I’ll be back on Sunday…



Edit: I wrote this on Tuesday, but today it was reported that Alan Rickman died. This amazing man was a great part of my childhood, and I’m incredibly sad he’s gone. RIP Alan Rickman. You truly touched many hearts.


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