Week No. 1

Currently I’ve just finished my mock week, so I get a long weekend (woo!), but it’s not exactly work-free. I may not have had any lessons yet this term, but I’ve still got work from last term that I didn’t do over Christmas due for next week… It’s not that I was lazy, I just prioritised revision first. #LifeOfASixthFormer.

Anyway, I don’t know really what to say this week. It’s the first week of 2016 and the first seven days are officially done. There’s been a lot of hoo-ha coming from America this week, as Obama’s stepped up to implement gun control, which is always weird to see. It’s strange from a British point of view to watch what goes on with guns in America, because the concept it just so weird to us, but I really don’t get why people object to the control. We hear about shootings in America in places like kids’ playgrounds and schools all the time, and it doesn’t make sense why people would want to let that keep happening. I think I lost about three followers on Twitter after saying I thought he was doing a good thing. Oh well.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what I’ll do for the next few summers. Obviously this summer I’ll have finally finished my A Levels, and I’m thinking of applying for an internship or work experience somewhere. The next few summers after that I’ll be at university. I know there are people who’ve managed to get work abroad, which is definitely something I’d be interested in. I want to enjoy my time and make the most out of what’s available to me, and I love the idea of travel. I’ve been to so many places already, amazingly, and I’d love to visit more. That’s partially why I’d love to do a year abroad (also one of my plans. Definitely going to try my best to do that one.)

I look forward to writing my blog this year; I’ll definitely have a lot to say as the year goes on and everything gets going, but I think that’s about all today. See you Sunday!



P.S. I promise I’m not making this ‘week __’ thing regular, I just didn’t know what to call this one!


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