It’s 2016! I hope you had a great new years eve, whether you stayed up to watch the countdown or not. I spent it with a couple of friends, nothing too exciting, but it was a nice way to welcome the new year. We ended up playing the girliest version of Monopoly in the entire world, the ’boutique’ version – Google it, I dare you. It’s a pink explosion.

I’m so happy about the new year, because it means a lot of things for me: I should start university this year, I hope to finish some projects this year, and I’ll be making a lot of changes I’ve been waiting to make for far too long! Here’s some things I’ll be trying to do this year:

  • Exercise more (since PE went out the window, so did all fitness…)
  • Cook a wider variety of recipes (as a pescetarian, food needs imagination!)
  • Work hard for all my goals (but that’s standard haha)

Bringing in a new year should always be a positive time; you can move on from the bad, and welcome change. And hey, 2016 is already set to bring some cool things: I know I’m not the only eighteen year old super excited for Finding Dory. It’s a leap year. The USA might get their first female president (please, universe, don’t let it be Trump).

I want to make 2016 a great year, and I think we should all endeavour to do the same. Life will throw you hurdles, and it’s your job to either jump them, hilariously crawl under them, or let yourself fall over them. I spent my second day of 2016 quite ill, rather out of the blue, but that’s not how I’ll let my year go. We should all try to make each year ‘our’ year in some way, make something happen, or change something you’ve wanted to change for years.

Half of the obstacles we face in life are down to our perspectives. Change should be something to embrace, not something to fear. I challenge you to do at least one thing this year to make change, whether on a wider scale, or simply for yourself – there’s nothing wrong with doing something for yourself once in a while!

So, I hope 2016 is a good’un, whoever your are, and I’ll see you on Thursday!



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