Social Politics

So I don’t go out of my way to hurt people’s feelings, but I don’t have any patience for people who get upset over nothing. It bugs me when you have to censor everything you say, or who you say things to, just to avoid someone feeling bad about something you’ve said.

This is something I see all the time when people find they’ve succeeded at something. It’s happened to me, it’s happened to other people I know. If you’re really proud of yourself for doing something, you shouldn’t have to feel bad about someone else being jealous. I think most people will see this in schools. People will have friends who have different abilities, and if you happen to get grades that are even just a bit higher than your friends’, it’s really hard to feel happy about it. Because if you do, they think you’re boasting. If you don’t, you’re being stuck up, because they’d be so happy to get that grade.

Personally, I think if you’ve succeeded, no matter what it is, you should be able to feel that pride. And you shouldn’t have to worry about people being offended because you’ve worked hard for something and are seeing the results. And if you do something before I may manage to, good for you. If you manage to get that A on that essay, and I only got a B, good for you. It’s nothing to do with me.

Social politics seems to extend further than this, though. It leaks into who you may hang out with, what you’re interested in, and general conversation. Applying to university always brings out awkward conversations, particularly if you and your friends are applying to universities at the complete opposite ends of the rankings.

Thing is, it’s fine if you have a bit of back and forth. Give what you take. If you’ve been talking for ages about stuff you like, let the other person blabber about something that interests them. Don’t shut them down. I spent years with a friend who never really let me say what was on my mind if it would affect her. I could say a throwaway comment, without any direction towards her, and we’d be in an argument. I know that sometimes you do have to watch what you say to people, because there are boundaries, but it shouldn’t reach the point where all conversation is completely one-sided because you don’t know what you’re ‘allowed’ to say. It shouldn’t reach the point when all of your successes are tainted by a feeling of guilt, or disappointment, or whatever it is.

Wouldn’t it just be easier to be happy for each other?


I’m Procrastinating

I’m currently in shock from spending £75 on a single alarm clock, having finally been paid for some Christmas temp work. The dispatch date was supposed to be tomorrow, arriving next week, but somehow it was delivered today – I spent the whole day hoping it would be a late delivery so I’d be home to get it, and it arrived about twenty minutes before I did… So it’s at a neighbour’s. Darn it. (It’s so cold outside…)

I spent the day doing English, which I’m supposed to be doing right now, considering I have to get a complete 2000 word essay in for next Thursday and I haven’t even started it yet, as well as another 3 essays due in before then. Save me!

Mainly to lighten my mood, but hopefully it’ll make someone else smile too, I thought I’d post some completely useless facts that I’ve found out over the years. And I mean completely useless. Seriously, I don’t even know how people found out most of these. Or why.

1) Pigeons can read mammograms. What on earth possessed scientists to wonder if they could train pigeons to detect cancer? Is the NHS really that underfunded?!

2) Bats fly left out of the cave. No clue if that’s true. I just like thinking it is. (Just Googled it… not true. Damn it!)

3) Some dinosaurs danced to impress partners. Somehow I just can’t envision a dancing T-Rex… Its little arms would just sway from side to side floppily.

4) Facebook is apparently introducing ‘Reactions’ so you have alternatives to ‘liking’ things – this just sounds stupid, if you ask me! Don’t make something more complex than it has to be!

5) Ending texts with full stops makes you sound insincere. I have a friend who does this, and it’s so hard to tell what the tone is supposed to be. Save your friends, and skip the full stops!

6) Apparently babies prefer dads with beer bellies, because it reminds them on some level of their mum’s womb. That’s kinda cute, you have to admit.

7) Turns out the ‘Kardashian way’ of eating a KitKat is highly addictive. I thought it was so stupid I had to try it. Big mistake. Don’t go there.

8) Dinosaurs had feathers. Like whhhhaaaaat? Imagine what Jurassic Park would have looked like if they’d animated feathers on all the dinosaurs… They’d be fabulous.

9) People at The University of Nottingham are apparently the most frisky. Oxford comes in pretty close. I love that fact. No clue why.

10) Edward the Confessor was probably gay. I mean, that’s just what I surmised from studying him last year – come on, he apparently never consummated the marriage, he spent all his time in church, he was timid… It was a sin back then. He was probably just ashamed.


Soaring Away

I was trying to think of something to write about today, and I walked downstairs to find my mum reading something. I saw pink gel pen on lined paper, so of course, what else could it be but my holiday diary from when I was eight years old? She insisted on reading some out to me. Major cringe-fest. 

But it did kind of give me an idea for a post. I’ve been to quite a few places in my life, but I don’t see why I should stop there. Hell, a lot of the places I’ve been I don’t even remember too well (I wasn’t the most attentive kid in the world. I barely even remember primary school.)

I have a lot of places I want to go to. One thing I’ve thought about for years is spending some time living in New York. As far as I can tell, it’s pretty much the best kind of opposite to where I live – it’s busy, it’s lively, there’s an insane amount of people doing all sorts at all hours, and it’s definitely less boring. I actually want to go to various places in the States. Wouldn’t mind another Disney trip either…

I want to go to France again. I’ve been lucky enough to go to France probably five times now, twice with school, but hey, it’s a great country. I’d like to visit Australia, though I’m less certain on this one, being a ginormous arachnophobe. It’d be pretty cool to see Singapore… the Egyptian pyramids… and more of the less high-profile things, too. A lot of the times I’ve been on holiday with my parents, we’ve just been to somewhere in a country that has nice views or just aren’t the major tourist destinations, just because you get to see more of a country that way. Then, there’s a lot of historical places that’d be cool to see.

One thing I love about going to different places is seeing the people. It’s amazing how much you can learn about people by visiting places, and finding out what they do, or listening to conversations. It makes a great basis for writing characters, that’s for sure. Even airports are great for people-watching – people sad to be leaving each other, reunions at the terminal gates, families, excited kids, hassled businessmen. I look forward to travelling with friends, and driving on the wrong side of the road.

I’m not taking a gap year before I go to university, so my travel will probably have to wait a while, but it’ll definitely start with my year abroad. That, at least, is definitely going to happen.