Week 52

I sit here at my desk, in my fluffy new dressing gown I got for Christmas, having just finished work for the day. To be honest, I barely remembered it was a Sunday – does any student really know the days of the week outside of term time? In my head it really works as ‘today is this day, tomorrow is the day I’m doing that… I have this many days until something else…’ – no wonder I’m confused!

Week 52 is a strange one. People get motivated, there’s a lot of food, many people drink far too much, and everyone wants to sleep.

Actually, that sounds a bit like Friday nights.

Anyway, I’ve always thought the week between Christmas and New Year was a strange time. The festivities fizzle out after Boxing Day, and then suddenly leap back for one night as we enter the new year. Everything’s dark, the weather’s usually pretty naff. It seems like a week where nothing seems like it should be happening. Like a limbo period. Just me?

I hope all of you had a great Christmas and spent it with people you love. If you’ve been working over the festive period too, I truly sympathise – it’s so depressing!

I also just want to apologise for my blog posts being all off-schedule right now, I’ve been given quite awkward shifts recently. I’ll be back to 5pm on Thursday if all goes to plan, with a bit of a meatier post. Thanks for reading, see you soon 🙂



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