Happy Christmas!

The time of mince pies, family, crackers, terrible jokes and more food than is really necessary is here. Tomorrow will probably be quite a quiet day for me, just spending it with my parents and my brother, but sometimes cosy Christmas days are nice. I’ll be spending boxing day with some extended family, which will probably be the more festive celebration.

Lots of people like to think back to the origins and the ‘real meaning’ of Christmas, and recount the tale of Jesus’ birth, and I always had to go on the school church trips at this time of year through primary school, but being a non-religious person, I like to think of it in simpler terms. To me, Christmas is just a time when people get together and set aside some time to be happy. I feel like, surrounded by the right people, it should be the time when the year’s troubles can be ignored for a while.

I do sort of wish it was colder outside (weather-wise, England is still stuck in early November… it’s weird), so it would feel a bit more like a real Christmas, but hey-ho. We can celebrate in any weather. I did read the other day that outdoor ice rinks have had to close because they can’t stop the rinks from melting, though. And we had a wasp buzzing around the house yesterday. Regardless, blankets and cosy clothes are still on the agenda.

Whoever you are, wherever you are, I wish you a merry Christmas. Whether you celebrate or not, whether you’re religious or not, have a great time.



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