15 days to Christmas!

Finally, the run down is upon us – school finishes on the eighteenth, I have no lessons from the 16th… Count me excited.

We’ve had our tree up since the first week of December (naturally), which makes me super happy. There’s nothing like some good fairy lights to give a sparkle to the grey days of winter! Apparently last year we had a real tree (I have literally no memory of this…) but we’re back to our ‘temporary’ tree, which is quite sparse, but it does the job. Growing up we had this 7ft fake tree, but it was ginormous and bushy and brilliant, but a few years ago it finally broke. That was a sad time. I’m hoping to persuade my parents to buy a new tree for 2016!

This is probably the first year I’ve been organised and finished my Christmas shopping already, which does give me a sense of accomplishment. I’m actually awful at wrapping though, so that’ll be fun. Seriously, I can’t even wrap a square box without it looking like it was done by a five year old.

I’ve bought my parents a stocking filled with a few different presents this year, because I thought that would be nicer than just one thing. Buying them alcohol was the first time I was asked for ID in a shop – they didn’t do it the first time! I don’t drink myself, so I just pay attention to what everyone else likes and might buy it for them.

Thanks for bearing with me while I change things around on my blog. There’s a chance it’ll move to a different server, but I haven’t made any decisions yet. Whatever I do, the content will remain the same and I’ll be sure to let you know, don’t worry!



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