My 3 Favourite Skincare Products

I have really troublesome skin, and by that, I do mean I’ve had a lot of trouble with acne. I think I was lucky in some respects, because most people tell me they never noticed my acne (I’ve never been sure whether to believe them or not), but I started getting spots at the age of ten. The problem started after a bike accident I had, which landed me in hospital, and I quickly developed acne.

This year, I’ve finally come out the other end – over eight years later. I won’t say it’s been pleasant spending the entirety of my pre-teen and teen years struggling with spots, but there are a few products I have grown to love in the last few months.

First off, there’s the Simple Anti-Blemish Moisturiser. This is a facial wash you use with warm water, and I’ve found it works really well. It has natural antibacterial properties, which is great for acne-prone skin or people like me, who’ve just managed to get rid of full-blown acne. It says ‘results from day one’, and after the amount of time I spent trying products as a teen and finding that even the ones which said ‘results within two weeks’ were a lie, I was delighted to find this one actually worked!

Next off, there’s the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water, though sometimes I use the Simple Micellar Water instead. Either of these work wonders; I’ve been using these since around June every day, and I don’t have any complaints. I wasn’t sure what micellar water was supposed to do (I managed to pick it up for free at a promotional stall in Covent Garden) but I fell in love. It helps tremendously with blackheads, while also serving to remove makeup. I try not to use this on its own, because normally I’ll use a face wash beforehand for a more thorough routine, but on those nights when you just want to plonk into bed and not think about anything involving effort, this is a brilliant one-step cleanser.

Finally, there’s this: bio oil. My parents introduced me to this probably a couple of years ago, but I didn’t find it at all helpful while I had acne. Bio oil is supposed to help re-hydrate your skin, and also help get rid of blemishes/stretch marks/help with aging skin. If you’ve had acne yourself, you’ll probably know how many unwelcome scars it manages to leave behind. While I had acne, I noticed no change, but that was a problem I found with the majority of products I used. Now, though, I try to use this several days per week, usually before bed, in place of a moisturiser. I always find proper moisturisers are too heavy for my skin, but this pretty much multi-tasks for me. I have noticed improvements in my acne scars, fading slightly, but this does take a while – it recommends consistent use for three months to see a genuine improvement.  There’s one other thing I use this for, though, and that’s for under my eyes. This stuff is brilliant for helping skin tones.

Everything I’ve mentioned is available in any good drug store/supermarket, and the bio oil is the only one over a fiver, but it lasts ages – after consistent use for around eight months, it’s not even gone down half a centimetre. If you use it on a larger area (a friend of mine used it on her back after a post-op scar) it will be used a lot faster.



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